Timo Reinelt

Ph.D. student in Economics
University of Mannheim

  • I am currently working at the European Central Bank on a PhD Traineeship at DG Economics and the Price-setting Microdata Analysis Network (PRISMA).

Working Papers

Monetary Policy, Markup Dispersion, and Aggregate TFP, with Matthias Meier [ECB Working Paper]
Monetary policy shocks increase markup dispersion and lower aggregate TFP.

Falling Natural Rates, Rising Housing Volatility and the Optimal Inflation Target, with Klaus Adam and Oliver Pfäuti
Lower natural rates of interest increase housing price fluctuations in the presence of speculative beliefs. This increases the average inflation rate under optimal monetary policy.

Work in Progress

Corporate Debt Maturity Matters For Monetary Policy, with Joachim Jungherr, Matthias Meier, and Immo Schott
Firms react more strongly to monetary shocks if a larger fraction of their debt is maturing at the time of the shock.

Price Rigidity and Markups